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Eco Park

Eco Park

Eco Park, Kolkata

Eco Park is an urban park located in the Rajarhat area of Kolkata, West Bengal, India. It is one of the largest urban parks in India and covers an area of approximately 480 acres (194 hectares). The park was opened to the public in 2012 and has since become a popular recreational destination for both locals and tourists.

Eco Park is known for its ecological diversity and lush greenery. It features various themed areas and attractions that showcase different aspects of nature and environmental conservation. Some of the notable attractions within the park include:

Rose Garden

A beautifully landscaped garden with a wide variety of roses, including rare and exotic species.

Butterfly Garden

A dedicated area that serves as a habitat for different species of butterflies. It is designed to provide a suitable environment for these delicate creatures.

Herbal Garden

A section of the park that showcases a range of medicinal plants and herbs. Visitors can learn about their uses in traditional medicine.

Eco Island

A man-made island within the park, offering boat rides and a scenic view of the surrounding lakes and gardens.

Play Area

A designated space for children to enjoy various recreational activities, including swings, slides, and other play equipment.

Bamboo Garden

A serene section of the park adorned with different species of bamboo, showcasing their beauty and versatility.

Eco Zone

This zone focuses on promoting environmental awareness and sustainable practices through interactive exhibits and displays.

In addition to these attractions, Eco Park also offers boating facilities, walking and cycling tracks, picnic spots, and food stalls. The park is designed to provide a peaceful and refreshing environment where visitors can relax and connect with nature.

Eco Park has become a popular venue for events, cultural programs, and festivals. It attracts a large number of visitors, especially during weekends and holidays. The park’s well-maintained infrastructure and scenic beauty make it a favorite spot for photography enthusiasts as well.

Overall, Eco Park in Kolkata offers a unique blend of nature, recreation, and environmental education, making it a significant landmark in the city.

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Information about Eco Park

Location: Major Arterial Road(South-East), Biswa Bangla Sarani, AA II, Newtown, Kolkata, West Bengal 700156

Price: INR 50/- for adults and INR 25/- for children from 6-10 years


Tuesday to Saturday – 12 noon – 7.30 pm

Sunday and Public Holidays – 11 am – 7.30 pm

Monday closed

Things to do at Eco Park

Eco Park, also known as Prakriti Tirtha, is a popular destination in Kolkata, India, known for its ecological beauty and recreational activities. Here are some things you can do at Eco Park:

  • Nature Walks: Explore the park’s vast green spaces and beautiful gardens by taking a leisurely walk. Enjoy the serene atmosphere and appreciate the diverse flora and fauna.

  • Boating: Eco Park offers various boating options, including paddleboats and rowing boats. Take a boat ride on the large water body within the park and enjoy the scenic views.

  • Cycle Rides: Rent a cycle and ride around the designated cycling tracks within the park. It’s a great way to stay active while enjoying the surroundings.

  • Picnic: Eco Park is an ideal spot for a picnic with family and friends. There are designated picnic spots with benches and tables where you can relax and enjoy a meal amidst nature.

  • Musical Fountain: Witness the enchanting musical fountain show held in the evenings. The combination of music, lights, and water displays creates a mesmerizing experience.

  • Butterfly Garden: Visit the butterfly garden within Eco Park, which houses numerous species of butterflies. It’s a unique opportunity to observe these beautiful creatures up close.

  • Eco Island: Explore the Eco Island, a man-made island within the park, accessible by boat. It offers beautiful views, a Japanese-style garden, and a food court serving various cuisines.

  • Children’s Play Area: Eco Park has a dedicated play area for children, featuring swings, slides, and other play equipment. Kids can have a great time while parents relax nearby.

  • Urban Village: Experience the charm of rural Bengal at the Urban Village section of Eco Park. It showcases traditional village settings, handicrafts, and cultural activities.

  • Photography: If you enjoy photography, Eco Park provides ample opportunities for capturing beautiful shots of nature, landscapes, and architectural elements.

Remember to check the park’s official website or contact the authorities to gather up-to-date information regarding entry fees, timings, and any specific guidelines or restrictions before your visit.

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FAQs on Eco Park

What is Eco Park in Kolkata?

Eco Park is a large urban park located in Kolkata, West Bengal, India. It is one of the biggest parks in India and spans an area of about 480 acres. The park is known for its ecological diversity and is designed to promote environmental awareness and conservation.

What are the attractions inside Eco Park?

Eco Park offers a range of attractions and activities for visitors. Some of the main attractions include:

  • Prakriti Tirtha: It is an artificial lake where visitors can enjoy boating and pedal boating.
  • Butterfly Garden: This section of the park is dedicated to conserving various species of butterflies.
  • Seven Wonders of the World: A section featuring replicas of famous world landmarks such as the Eiffel Tower, the Taj Mahal, the Great Wall of China, and more.
  • Rose Garden: A beautiful garden filled with different varieties of roses.
  • Bamboo Garden: This section showcases various species of bamboo and their uses.
  • Herbal Garden: It features a wide range of medicinal plants and herbs.
  • Mist Garden: A section where artificial mist is created, giving visitors a refreshing experience.
  • Toy Train: Eco Park has a toy train that takes visitors on a short ride around the park.
Can I bring food and beverages inside Eco Park?

Outside food and beverages are not allowed inside Eco Park. However, the park has several food stalls and restaurants where visitors can purchase snacks and meals.

Is photography allowed inside Eco Park?

Yes, photography is allowed inside Eco Park. Visitors can capture the scenic beauty and attractions of the park. However, for commercial photography or professional shoots, it is advisable to contact the park authorities for any specific guidelines or permissions.

Is Eco Park suitable for children?

Yes, Eco Park is suitable for children. The park offers various attractions and activities that cater to the interests of children, such as boating, toy train rides, and butterfly gardens. Additionally, there are ample open spaces where children can play and enjoy outdoor activities.

Is there parking available at Eco Park?

Yes, Eco Park has ample parking facilities for visitors. There are designated parking areas within the park premises where visitors can park their vehicles.

How can I reach Eco Park?

Eco Park is located in the New Town area of Kolkata, which is well-connected by road. Visitors can reach the park by private vehicles, taxis, or buses. It is advisable to use GPS or navigation services to find the most convenient route based on your location in Kolkata.

Are there any accommodation options near Eco Park?

Yes, there are several accommodation options available near Eco Park. The New Town area and nearby Rajarhat have a range of hotels and guesthouses catering to different budgets. It is recommended to book accommodations in advance, especially during peak tourist seasons.