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Tourism In India Changed In The Last Few Years Before COVID

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The worldwide tourism sectors have suffered a major setback due to COVID-19. This was a big setback for a country like India. Due to our country being such a big landmass, you will get to see a lot of diversity here. Due to COVID-19 impact to Indian tourism, many tourism sectors are shut down themselves, and low volumes of tourism sectors are partially impacted.

Potential of Tourism in India

Tourism sectors in India are huge. The reason for having such a huge market includes many things. Which is geographical land, ancient history, demographics, a lot of cultural groups and etc.

In recent years, The World Travel and Tourism Council (WTTC) calculated that tourism generated ₹16.91 lakh crore (US$240 billion) or 9.2% of India\’s GDP in 2018.

Therefore, It supported 42.673 million jobs, 8.1% of its total employment in India.

There is a huge contribution of domestic tourists in India, along with it is a good destination for foreign tourists.

You will get to see more foreign tourists in the big cities like Delhi, Mumbai, Chennai, Jaipur, Kolkata, Agra, and many more cities of India.

Also, small industries get very good support from Indian tourism.

Which tourism has a very high potential in India

The best 5 tourism sectors in India

Indian tourism is mainly dependent on these 5 sectors like accommodations, food and beverage services, recreation and entertainment, transportation, and travel services.

What are the contributions;

1. Accommodations

The hotel industry in India employs ~1.8 billion domestic travelers and 9-9.5 million foreign travelers, partly and primarily. About 55% of organized hotels in India are 3-star or higher rated.

Indian states like Tamil Nadu and Uttar Pradesh account for more than 35% of all domestic tourist visits.

Impact of COVID-19

Its impact has been more on the unorganized hotels in India. We believe that at least 5-8% of unorganized hotels may be closed permanently.

2. Food and Beverage Services

The consumption of India\’s food and beverage industry was 30 lakh crore in 2019.

The global food and beverages services industry is made up of many segments. It\’s including groceries, oils and fats, food additives, functional foods and beverages, packaged foods, health and natural foods, canned food, baked food, baby food, animal food, soft drinks, alcoholic drinks, energy drinks, and packaging.

Impact of COVID-19

The impact of COVID-19 had a dual impact on these industries. That includes the offline food chains that are restaurants and cafes that are entirely shut down in some regions. Whereas, online food deliveries are rapidly increasing.

3. Recreation and Entertainment

Recreation is any activity such as play, that amuses, diverts, or stimulates.

Entertainment is an activity designed to give pleasure, enjoyment, diversion, amusement, or relaxation to an audience, no matter whether the audience participates passively.

Impact of COVID-19

You know, what happened to all these industries because of this pandemic. Yes, we can say that small industries have not suffered so much. Because of today\’s new platform, all these small industries are able to manage.

But it has to be believed that the big industries have suffered and suffered a lot.

4. Transportation

The transportation industry has a huge role in the tourism industry. Transportation connects tourists to various tourist attractions.

You will find roadways, airways, railways, and waterways in the transportation industry.


Impact of COVID-19

You would know that due to the situation like lockdown in the whole country, the transportation sectors are suffering a lot.

5. Travel services

Travel services include services provided by hotels and restaurants (including catering), travel agencies and tour operator services, tourist guide services, and other related services.

This is the most important sector which fully and directly connects the tourism sector.

COVID-19 impact to Indian tourism

Ever since the pandemic has come, the country has not emerged from the Lockdown situation. That is why this industry is completely closed till now.

Impact Of Covid-19 On Indian Tourism Industry

The tourism industry has been one of the largest contributors to India\’s GDP in recent years. So the GDP increased from a share of 6.70% in 2017 to 9.20% in 2018.

In the year 2020, it was reported by The World Travel and Tourism Council (\”WTTC\”) that in the year 2019, 39,821 million jobs were created in India. Which was more than 8% of India\’s total employment rate.

The Covid-19 pandemic has devastated the Indian tourism sector.

In this, like hospitality, tour operators, travel agents, air, land, and sea transportation industry and many sectors of the tourism sector have suffered losses.

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You can see the condition of our country\’s tourism sector. Due to the shutdown situation for a long period of time, the small business sector which is directly dependent on the tourism sector, they are needs help now.

I hope that Central Govt will do some good planning for all those businesses so that they are directly benefited.

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