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The Famous Dhabaleswar Shaiva Peetha in Cuttack

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Dhabaleswar Temple is one of the tourist destinations of Odisha. It is located in Athagarh. According to Hinduism, this is the temple of “Lord Shiva”. The sightseeing here will enchant you. Because here you will get a good view of Mahanadi.

It is located 27 km from Cuttack City, 30 km from Manguli, and 12 km from Narsinghpur.

Fastest route: Cuttack city to Dhabaleswar Temple

While going to this pilgrimage place, you will get to see Mahanadi River on the left side and you will find this temple on the banks of Mahanadi River.

If you are traveling by vehicle, then the best place to park your vehicle is at the vehicle stand at that location.

Follow Corona guideline. Wearing a mask. Maintain social distancing.

After that, you can go inside the temple to see Dhabaleswar Baba.

If you are going inside the temple then you can take milk and butter as prasad.

As Baba’s temple is on an island, you can go through an iron cable hanging bridge to reach the temple. This bridge has been built with the help of a lot of iron cables.

Dhabaleswar Temple

Things to know about Hanging Bridge at Dhabaleswar Temple

While passing through this bridge, you will have to buy a ticket for 2 rupees per person.

The width of the bridge is 254 meters and the height is 30 meters.

Hanging Bridge at Dhabaleswar Temple

This bridge is connected with many cables. Here you will get to see 166 cables in which each cable has been numbered.

As this bridge is very high, you will feel like the bridge is vibrating in the air.

For the convenience of the devotee, a path has been made on both sides of the bridge.

There are some restrictions on this bridge, such that more than 600 people cannot go on this bridge at once.

Some facts about the nearby area

Dhabaleswar Temple Area

Here you will get to see a lot of tortoises.

Due to the presence of many monkeys here, you will have to take care of your own things along with your offerings.

You can give some things to the monkeys to eat.

Crowd of Bol Bum at Dhabaleswar Temple

The biggest fair in Dhabaleswar Temple is held in the month of Shravan.

In this month, many devotees come from far and wide to offer water to Baba and with that his/her wish gets fulfilled.

Bol Bum at Dhabaleswar Temple

At the time of Bol Bam, devotees carry water on their shoulders and dedicate them to Baba while walking far and wide.

You should come here once in the month of \’Shravan\’.

Facilities at Dhabaleswar

Here you will find many good hotels to eat. In which you will get to eat the only veg.

There should not be any other problem of the traveler here, that is why the police keep an eye on this place.


This is a good place where you can go anytime. But I would recommend you if you go in the month of \’Shravan\’ then you will get to know about many extra things.

The people of Odisha know very well about the Dhabaleswar Temple. So every person wants to come here all the time. Here you can go on a trip with family members.

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