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Tourist destination in India famous for its beaches

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Well, we are discussing famous beaches in India. There is so much confusion to find out pre-eminent beaches in our country. Because now in India there are so many well and upgraded outstanding beaches are founding in India. Every beach has its own capacity and beauty-like infrastructure that attracting the people like you who interest to go beaches and their sea view. If you want to see the best beaches of India, then Blue Flag Beach is a must see.

In a major boost to beach tourism has been awarded the coveted ‘blue flag’ tag by the Denmark-based Foundation for Environment Education (FEE).

The blue flag eco-label is awarded based on standards relating to bathing water quality, safety, services, accessibility and environment.

Follow Corona guideline. Wearing a mask. Maintain social distancing.

Famous beaches in India

India is demographically had with the longest coastal line. If we count the beaches on our coasts so we can find 220+ beaches in India of their 7516.6 km long coastal area Mainland: 5422.6 km Island Territories: 2094 km.

There are so many famous beaches in India that extend their length.

International recognition beaches for cleanliness

After October 2020 India received the blue flag certification for the most cleanliness beach in India. Until 2020, no beach in India had qualified for it, but thereafter 8 beaches are qualified for International recognition for cleanliness.

The most famous beaches are Shivrajpur (Gujarat), Ghoghla (Diu), Kasarkod (Karnataka), Padubidri (Karnataka), Kappad (Kerala), Rushikonda (Andhra Pradesh), Golden (Odisha) & Radhanagar (Andaman).

So thereafter the biggest achievement for India, more people are interested to go and explore the beaches.

8 famous Indian beaches

1. Shivrajpur (Gujarat)

Shivrajpur beaches

At a distance of 13 km from Dwarka and 23 km from Okha, Shivrajpur Beach is a serene beach located near Shivrajpur village on the Arabian coast of Gujarat. Situated on Dwarka – Okha Highway, it is one of the famous beaches in Gujarat and among the must-visit Dwarka Tourist Places.

Things to do: The beach offers stunning sunsets and picturesque views to the tourists. One can spot Dolphins and some beautiful birds on the sea here. For making it an ideal tourist destination, the beach management has introduced water sports, food, and shopping areas for the visitors.

Fastest route: Dwarka to Shivrajpur Beach via NH947

2. Ghoghla (Diu)

Near Gujarat, Daman and Diu are famous for their magnificent beaches. Ghoghla Beach is situated in the village of Ghoghla, which is around 15 km from the main town of Diu. This beach is a popular tourist spot that has necessary facilities like food and accommodation.

Things to do – You can sail in a boat and click beautiful shots of the location.

Fastest route: Diu to Ghoghla Beach via NH251

3. Kasarkod (Karnataka)


Beautiful place to watch the sunset. Although swimming is not allowed it\’s a clean beach to watch fishermen in action and a good place for children to play.

Fastest route: Bengaluru to Kasarkod Beach via NH 48

4. Padubidri (Karnataka)


If there’s one thing all of us can collectively agree on, it has to be the immense craving to visit a gorgeous beach. Just the feeling of walking on the soft white sand and dipping our legs in the splashing blue waters while watching the glorious sunset is just mesmerising.

Well, there’s a hidden wonder in Karnataka known for its cleanliness and natural beauty and is a sight to behold indeed. The Blue Flag certified Padubidri Beach in Karnataka is a must-visit.

Fastest route: Bengaluru to Padubidri Beach via NH75

5. Kappad (Kerala)

One of the stunning beaches in Kerala, Kappad Beach is located around 16km from Kozhikode and is revered as one of the most important historical sites in God’s Own Country! Nestled away from humdrums of city-life, this is the beach where the Portuguese explorer Vasco da Gama landed during the 15th century.

It is called for ‘Gateway to the Malabar Coast’. This sandy retreat is also fringed with a number of historical landmarks.

Fastest route: Kochi to Kappad via NH 66

6. Rushikonda (Andhra Pradesh)


Rushikonda Beach is a stunning shore located on the coast of the Bay of Bengal in Vishakhapatnam. APTDC, which is in charge of this natural beauty, has done a great job in the upkeep of the beach and ensured that this natural attraction remains unspoilt.

Rishikonda Beach is called the Jewel of the \’East Coast\’. The serene golden sands of the beach are located in the bosom of the Rushikonda hill.

Things to do – The Rushikonda Beach is one of the few beaches that offers swimming under expert supervision, so do not forget to take a quick dip in the water. However, the beach\’s natural charms are one of the main reasons for its immense popularity.

Fastest route: Visakhapatnam to Rushikonda Beach

7. Golden Beach (Odisha)

Golden Beach

It has attracted tourists because of the amazing long stretches of golden sands. This location is at Puri sea beach.

It is one of the most captivating beach destinations of India and has enthralled visitors for years. The lifestyle here has also caught the attention of tourists from different parts of India.

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Things to do – Amid the cool winds and deep blue waters, you can swim and sunbathe as much you want. Take long walks by the beach as the cold sand touching your feet, would calm your nerves. Observe the natural beauty that prevails in Odisha and gets in touch with the spirituality of people living here.

Fastest route: Puri to Golden Beach

8. Radhanagar (Andaman)


Amid the blue ocean Bay of Bengal, this island is a perfect beach destination in India to visit. The beauty of the Island has attracted tourists from the mainland of India and all around the world.

Things to do – Walk on the white sands can be enthralling. You can indulge in different water sports that the beaches will offer. Beautiful memories when you visit this destination place. Soak in the sun or go snorkeling, it’s all about how you would want to enjoy it.

Fastest route: Port Blair to Radhanagar Beach via SH4

Local Tourism family says

If you are thinking that this time you have to visit other places, then you should definitely visit these beaches. Apart from just visiting these beaches, you should take part in the sports activities here.

Do you feel this era of people is busiest people ever in their daily activities? So we encourage you to go to these places and explore this destination and their nearby local area. That’s why Local Tourism is successful in its path.

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