10 things you should consider before travelling to Manali

Manali is an adventure destination, where everyone wants to go. Manali is the best place to visit for nature lovers, honeymooners, and adventure seekers. Here you will enjoy rafting, skiing, paragliding and national parks. This is a very good place for forest safari and camp. Here you find few Ancient Hindu Temples and Buddhist Monasteries. Manali is a white beauty in the winter and an evergreen Alpine forest in the summer. It does promote spiritual and wellness tourism.

But, if you are planning for the Manali trip, then these 10 things you will have to remember, for a good vacation.

Travel Tips for Manali

Follow Corona guideline. Wearing a mask. Maintain social distancing.

India is very diverse country, where you will get cold climate with the hill station in the north and you will get to see the heat in the south. So, along with climate change, you will see something different in culture also. Because of this, you have to take care, before go for trip. Read and keep in mind 10 Travel tips for Manali.

1. Manali Climate

Manali features a subtropical highland climate (Cfb) with warm summers, relatively cold winters, and a high diurnal temperature variation.

Manali is situated 6,730 ft above mean sea level on the Himalayas. The highest peak in Manali is 19,683 ft. These varying mid to high altitude make this place a versatile climate in all 4-seasons. One can experience cool weather throughout the year due to its high-altitude.

The summer season starts in April and ends in June. The day temperature may vary from 30-degrees Celsius to 37-degrees Celsius. Yet the night temperature may drop below 20-degrees Celsius in summer.

July to November is the monsoon season. Heavy rainfalls happen in July and August. It is best to avoid the rainy season, as roads are prone to get blocked due to landslides and falling of trees.

December to March is the winter season. Heavy snowfall happens during this season. The rest of the seasons are best to go for adventure sports and recreational activities in Manali.

2. Clothing For Manali Trip

Even in summer, Manali can get chilly, so bring something for occasional cool summer nights. Pack light and airy clothes with a couple of warm clothes for the nights. Do not forget to carry a strong pair of shoes for walking and strolling on the mountains.

Light cotton clothing is the order of the day.

In winters, take woolens that include sweaters, jackets, caps and socks. In Himachal Pradesh, winters can get pretty harsh and thick sweaters and jackets are a necessity.

3. Accommodation In Manali

You can find the Kullu Manali travel guide with a wide range of accommodations. There are many Mountain View resorts for the honeymoon couples to stay with food and comforts. You can find many budget-friendly hotels in Manali town.

It is advisable to check they provide food or not.

Whichever accommodation you find, you must check for HVAC, woolen blankets and they provide hot water 24-hours. Without these, you cannot stay at night due to the very cold temperature prevailing in the night.

4. Foods To Eat In Manali

Well, there is no particular famous food in Manali because North Indian cuisines remain the most popular food to eat here among travelers. If you would like to eat street food then you can have samosas, bread pakoras, nodles, parathas, momos, and pav bhaji, etc. It is not advisable to eat from street vendors. It can create stomach problems. It is advisable to drink mineral water.

Besides, the multi-cuisines restaurants are available in the Mall road of Manali and several cafes.

In Manali, you can enjoy different types of cuisines like North Indian cuisines, South Indian cuisines, Chinese cuisines, etc.

The Manali is famous for Himachali Apples. One of Manali travel tips is that you must try some garden fresh apples.

They are the best to beat the cold by drinking hot tea and coffee.

5. Local Transportation

Kullu Manali travel tips are the best to read once you start from Kullu to reach Manali. Yet most of the tourists do come from New Delhi via road and flight. Most of the tourists land in Shimla. They travel by road to reach Manali. It is advisable to try the Kalka Shimla rail route, which is also a UNESCO world heritage site in Himachal Pradesh.

The most affordable way to travel by road is through state government bus services. There are many private travels in Manali.

Your all-inclusive Manali adventure tour will include local transportation too. Locally, you can find pony and yak to carry you to various tourist attractions of Manali. They are the best to hire to climb rough terrain.

6. Carry Adequate Cash

Most of the shops and establishments accept credit cards and debit cards. It is advisable to utilize them and save liquid cash. This is because; you have to give cash for all modes of transportation available in Manali.

The domestic travelers can make use of various UPI and e-modes of payments through various payments apps. Therefore, saving liquid cash is not a constraint once in Manali. It is advisable to carry adequate cash since this is a mountainous region.

7. Documents Necessary

The Himachal Pradesh Tourism Development Board asks every tourist visiting here must carry more than one ID proof.

Most of the hotels do ask for your ID to permit you a room. You must also show your ID proof if the local police ask so.

8. Adventure Sports

If you want to do paragliding, it is advisable to book online and come to Solang Valley one hour before your paragliding time. This is the finest way to see the enchanting beauty of the Solang Valley.

Similarly, you can learn to ski from Manali. It is advisable to book a weeklong vacation and learn skiing from the Manali sports club. You can learn to ski within a week.

You must also take permission to trek in high-altitude mountain ranges in Manali.

9. Hiring A Local Guide

If you book an all-inclusive Manali tour package, you must check a local guide is included or not. If not, you must hire a registered travel guide only. They will plan according to your attraction visit preference and save you time and money.

They will take you to all of the major attractions to see in Manali. They usually never cheat the tourists. You can also give some tips if they have served you the best to explore Manali tourist attractions.

10. Tipping Culture

Because of Manali is an international tourist destination, the tipping culture is prominent in all hospitality serving places.

You can give a tip below INR 100 in restaurants and bars.

Things to Know

This place is very good for wellness tourism. This is a place for fresh air in Manali. It has many adventure and recreational facilities apart from cultural heritages. So, don’t wait and plan a Manali local tour right now!

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