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Charminar, Hyderabad

Charminar is a historical monument located in the city of Hyderabad, Telangana, India. It is one of the most recognized landmarks and a popular tourist attraction in the city. Here are some key details about Charminar:


Charminar was built in 1591 by Sultan Mohammed Quli Qutb Shah, the fifth ruler of the Qutb Shahi dynasty. The monument is a magnificent example of Indo-Islamic architecture, blending Persian, Mughal, and Indian architectural styles. It is made of granite and lime mortar and stands at a height of approximately 56 meters (184 feet).


The Charminar is a square-shaped building with four grand arches, each facing a different direction—north, south, east, and west. The arches lead to four different streets, forming a landmark at the center of the old city. Each arch has a clock tower on top, which adds to the charm of the monument.


The Charminar was constructed to commemorate the founding of Hyderabad and to ward off a deadly epidemic that was ravaging the city at the time. The word “Charminar” translates to “four minarets” in English, referring to the four towering minarets at the corners of the structure.


Charminar is situated in the heart of the bustling old city of Hyderabad, surrounded by a lively market known as Laad Bazaar. The bazaar is famous for its traditional bangle shops, jewelry, textiles, and other goods. The area around Charminar is always bustling with activity and is a vibrant hub of commerce and culture.

Architecture and Design

The architectural beauty of Charminar lies in its intricate details, stucco work, and the minarets adorned with delicate balconies. The balconies provide a panoramic view of the city, and visitors can climb to the top of the monument to enjoy the breathtaking vista.

Cultural Significance

Charminar is not just a historical monument but also holds cultural significance. It is considered an icon of the city and a symbol of Hyderabad’s rich heritage and cultural identity. The monument has been featured in various movies, artworks, and literary works, cementing its place as a prominent cultural symbol.

Tourist Attraction

Charminar attracts a large number of tourists from around the world who come to admire its architectural beauty, explore the surrounding markets, and experience the vibrant atmosphere of the old city. It is particularly popular during festivals like Eid and Diwali when the monument is beautifully illuminated.

When visiting Charminar, it is recommended to be mindful of the crowd, as the area can get quite busy. Exploring the surrounding market and enjoying the local cuisine is also a delightful experience for visitors.

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Information about Charminar

Timings: (Saturday to Thursday 9 am – 5:30 pm) and Only (Friday 9 am – 12:30 pm, 2 pm – 5:30 pm)

Entry Fee: For Indian tourists, SAARC nationals, and tourists from BIMSTEC, the ticket cost is INR 25 per Adult. For other foreign tourists, Charminar ticket price is INR 250 per person.

To explain, the cost of a local guide is only 150 rupees.

Things to do at Charminar

Charminar is an iconic monument located in the heart of Hyderabad, India. It is a popular tourist attraction and a symbol of the city. Here are some things you can do at Charminar:

  • Explore the Monument: Start by exploring the Charminar itself. Climb up the narrow staircase to reach the top floor, which offers a panoramic view of the surrounding area. Take in the intricate architecture and beautiful arches.

  • Visit the Laad Bazaar: Located near Charminar, the Laad Bazaar is a bustling market known for its vibrant collection of bangles, traditional clothing, jewelry, and other accessories. Take a stroll through the narrow lanes and indulge in some shopping.

  • Sample Local Cuisine: Hyderabad is famous for its delicious cuisine, and you can find some of the best local food near Charminar. Try the famous Hyderabadi biryani, haleem (a meat and lentil stew), or kebabs from the numerous food stalls and restaurants in the area.

  • Meander through Mecca Masjid: Located adjacent to Charminar, Mecca Masjid is one of the oldest and largest mosques in India. Explore the grand architecture, intricate carvings, and peaceful ambiance of this historic place of worship.

  • Enjoy Irani Chai and Osmania Biscuits: Hyderabad is known for its Irani Chai, a strong and flavorful tea, which is usually paired with Osmania biscuits. These crispy, sweet biscuits are a perfect accompaniment to the tea. Many tea stalls near Charminar serve this traditional combination.

  • Capture Memorable Pictures: Charminar is a picturesque monument, and it offers fantastic opportunities for photography. Capture the grandeur of the monument, the bustling streets, and the vibrant atmosphere around it.

  • Take a Heritage Walk: Join a guided heritage walk to learn more about the history, culture, and architecture of Charminar and its surroundings. Knowledgeable guides can provide fascinating insights and stories about the area.

  • Attend Local Festivals: Charminar and its vicinity host various festivals throughout the year. If you’re lucky to visit during festive times, you can witness vibrant celebrations and cultural events. The most famous festival celebrated here is Eid, which attracts a large number of people.

Remember to check the local regulations and any specific guidelines or restrictions related to visiting Charminar, especially in light of the current situation or any recent updates.

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FAQs on Charminar

What is Charminar?

Charminar is a historical monument and iconic landmark located in the city of Hyderabad, India. It is a grand architectural structure built in the late 16th century and is known for its four minarets, which give it its name “Charminar” meaning “four minarets” in Urdu.

When was Charminar built?

Charminar was constructed in 1591 by Muhammad Quli Qutb Shah, the fifth ruler of the Qutb Shahi dynasty. It was built to commemorate the end of a deadly plague in the city.

What is the architectural style of Charminar?

Charminar is a fine example of Indo-Islamic architecture. It showcases a fusion of Persian, Indian, and Islamic architectural elements. The monument exhibits intricate ornamentation, stucco work, balconies, arches, and decorative motifs.

What is the significance of Charminar?

Charminar is a symbol of Hyderabad’s rich history and cultural heritage. It holds religious and historical importance, serving as a mosque and a monument that witnessed the city’s growth and transformation. It is also a popular tourist attraction and a well-known landmark of the city.

Can visitors go inside Charminar?

Yes, visitors are allowed to enter Charminar and explore its interior. However, it’s important to note that due to the monument’s age and preservation concerns, access to certain areas may be restricted. The minarets are generally not accessible for climbing.

What can visitors see and do around Charminar?

Around Charminar, visitors can explore the vibrant Laad Bazaar, renowned for its bangles, jewelry, and traditional crafts. They can also visit the Mecca Masjid, one of the oldest and largest mosques in India, located near Charminar. Additionally, the area offers opportunities to savor local delicacies and experience the bustling atmosphere of the old city.

What are the visiting hours for Charminar?

Charminar is generally open for visitors from early morning until late evening. The exact visiting hours may vary, so it is recommended to confirm the timings with local authorities or tourist information centers before planning your visit.

Is Charminar illuminated at night?

Yes, Charminar is beautifully illuminated at night, creating a stunning visual spectacle. The monument is adorned with colorful lights that enhance its architectural features and make it an enchanting sight to behold. The illumination adds to the overall charm and allure of Charminar.