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Konark Sun Temple

Konark Sun Temple

About Konark Sun Temple

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Welcome to the Konark Temple tour! Konark Temple, also known as the Sun Temple, is a UNESCO World Heritage Site located in the state of Odisha, India. It is one of the most renowned and stunning temples in the country, dedicated to the Sun God, Surya.

Location: The Konark Temple is situated in the town of Konark, about 35 kilometers northeast of Puri and 65 kilometers from the capital city of Bhubaneswar.

The Konark Sun Temple, also known as the Black Pagoda, is a UNESCO World Heritage Site located in Konark, Odisha, India. It is one of the most famous and impressive temples in India, renowned for its architectural grandeur and intricate stone carvings. Here are some key facts about the Konark Sun Temple:

Konark Sun Temple History

The Konark Sun Temple was built in the 13th century CE by King Narasimhadeva I of the Eastern Ganga Dynasty. It was constructed as a place of worship dedicated to the Sun God, Surya.


The temple is designed in the form of a gigantic chariot of the Sun God with twelve pairs of elaborately carved stone wheels. The chariot is believed to be drawn by seven prancing horses. The entire temple complex is oriented towards the east, so that the first rays of the rising sun illuminate the main entrance.

Unique Design

The design of the temple is a masterpiece of ancient Indian architecture and engineering. The main temple stands on a high platform and is built using a dry construction technique without using any bonding agent. The stones are so precisely carved and fitted together that the temple remains standing without any external support.

Intricate Carvings

The temple is adorned with exquisite stone carvings depicting various aspects of life, mythology, and religious practices prevalent during that period. The intricate carvings on the walls, pillars, and wheels of the chariot are a testament to the artistic skills of the craftsmen of that era.


The temple’s design is rich in symbolism. It represents the passage of time, with the chariot wheels serving as sundials and the spokes acting as precise time indicators. The temple’s architecture also aligns with principles of sacred geometry.

Decline and Restoration

Over the centuries, the Konark Sun Temple faced natural disasters, invasions, and neglect, leading to significant damage. It was abandoned and partially buried under sand until British archaeologists rediscovered it in the late 19th century. Subsequent restoration and conservation efforts have helped preserve this architectural gem.

UNESCO World Heritage Site

In 1984, the Konark Sun Temple was inscribed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site in recognition of its cultural and historical significance.


The temple attracts a large number of tourists and pilgrims from all over the world, making it one of the most visited monuments in India.

Visiting the Konark Sun Temple is a journey back in time, allowing visitors to marvel at the architectural brilliance and artistic mastery of ancient India. It stands as a testament to the country’s rich cultural heritage and remains a symbol of India’s architectural prowess.

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Information about Konark Sun Temple

Address: Konark, Odisha 752111

Price: INR 40 for Indians

INR 600 per Foreigner (BIMSTEC and SAARC citizens is INR 40)

Quick Booking – Sun Temple, Konarak (payumoney.com)

Timing: 6 am to 8 pm

Things to do in Konark Sun Temple

Here are some things to do and see at the Konark Sun Temple:

1. Explore the Temple Complex

The Sun Temple is a stunning example of Kalinga architecture and is designed in the shape of a gigantic chariot with intricately carved wheels and horses. Take your time to wander around the temple complex and marvel at the impressive stone carvings depicting various scenes from mythology and everyday life.

2. Witness the Sunrise or Sunset

As the name suggests, the temple is dedicated to the Sun God, so watching the sunrise or sunset here is a truly magical experience. The play of light and shadows on the temple’s carvings creates a breathtaking sight.

3. Admire the Erotic Sculptures

One of the unique aspects of the Konark Sun Temple is the presence of explicit erotic sculptures on its walls. These intricate carvings are a celebration of human life and sensuality. While exploring the temple, you’ll find these sculptures at various places, so be prepared for this aspect of the temple’s art.

4. Visit the Archaeological Museum

There’s an on-site museum located nearby, which houses a collection of sculptures and artifacts found in and around the temple complex. The museum provides valuable insights into the temple’s history and architecture.

5. Attend the Konark Dance Festival

If you visit during the Konark Dance Festival held annually in December, you can witness mesmerizing performances by renowned classical dancers against the backdrop of the Sun Temple. It’s a cultural extravaganza celebrating India’s rich dance heritage.

6. Enjoy the Chandrabhaga Beach

The Chandrabhaga Beach is located a short distance away from the Sun Temple. Take some time to relax on the sandy shores, soak in the views, and enjoy the tranquility of the beach.

7. Visit Ramachandi Temple

The Ramachandi Temple, dedicated to Goddess Ramachandi, is situated nearby and is worth a visit while you’re in the area.

8. Capture Photographs

The Sun Temple’s architecture and intricate carvings make it a photographer’s paradise. Don’t forget to bring your camera and capture the stunning beauty of this historical site.

9. Explore the Surrounding Villages

If you’re interested in experiencing the local culture and lifestyle, consider taking a short trip to the nearby villages surrounding the temple.

Remember to wear comfortable footwear as the temple complex involves walking, and if you’re visiting during the summer months, be prepared for hot and humid weather. Also, show respect for the temple’s sanctity and the local customs while you’re there.

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FAQs on Konark Sun Temple

What is the Konark Sun Temple?

The Konark Sun Temple is a UNESCO World Heritage Site located in Konark, Odisha, India. It is a 13th-century Hindu temple dedicated to the Sun God (Surya) and is renowned for its impressive architecture and intricate stone carvings.

When was the Konark Sun Temple built?

The construction of the Konark Sun Temple began in the mid-13th century during the reign of King Narasimhadeva I of the Eastern Ganga dynasty and was completed around 1255 CE.

How was the Konark Sun Temple constructed?

The temple was designed in the shape of a colossal chariot, with twelve pairs of carved stone wheels, drawn by seven horses. The entire structure was made using stone blocks without any use of mortar.

Why is the Konark Sun Temple shaped like a chariot?

The chariot shape of the temple symbolizes the Sun God’s journey across the sky in his celestial chariot.

What happened to the main tower (shikhara) of the Konark Sun Temple?

The main tower (shikhara) of the Konark Sun Temple collapsed centuries ago, and only the ruins of the temple remain today. However, the Natya Mandapa (dance hall) and the Jagamohana (audience hall) are still standing.

What are the major attractions of the Konark Sun Temple?

The temple’s intricate stone carvings, depicting various mythological stories, celestial beings, animals, and daily life scenes, are among its major attractions. The wheels of the chariot are also noteworthy for their craftsmanship.

Is the Konark Sun Temple still in use for worship?

No, the temple is not actively used for worship. It is considered a historical and architectural marvel, and visitors come to admire its beauty and learn about its historical significance.

What is the best time to visit the Konark Sun Temple?

The best time to visit the Konark Sun Temple is during the cooler months of October to February when the weather is pleasant and suitable for exploring the site.

Are there any festivals or events celebrated at the Konark Sun Temple?

Yes, the Konark Dance Festival is a major annual event that takes place in the temple complex. It usually happens in December and showcases classical dance performances by renowned artists from all over India.

How can I reach the Konark Sun Temple?

Konark is well-connected by road to major cities in Odisha and neighboring states. The nearest airport is Bhubaneswar (around 65 km away), and the nearest railway station is Puri (around 35 km away).