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Hidden Gems of Ross Island

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Hidden Gems of Ross Island: Uncovering its Tourist Attractions

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Ross Island, located in the Andaman and Nicobar archipelago, holds a captivating history within its lush greenery and scenic vistas. Once the administrative headquarters of the British in the late 19th century, this island resonates with echoes of a bygone era, evident in the remnants of colonial structures dotting its landscape.

1. Ruins of British Buildings

Ruins of British Buildings

Once the administrative headquarters of the British, Ross Island is dotted with remnants of British colonial architecture, including a church, a hospital, ballrooms, and residential buildings.

2. Museum


 The island hosts a small museum that showcases the history of Ross Island, displaying photographs and artifacts from the colonial era.

3. Light and Sound Show

Light and Sound Show

 Visitors can enjoy a captivating light and sound show in the evening, narrating the island’s history and its significance during the British rule.

4. Nature Walks

Nature Walks

 The island is abundant in natural beauty with lush greenery and scenic views. Tourists often enjoy leisurely walks around the island, taking in the flora and fauna.

5. Bird Watching

Bird Watching

Ross Island is home to various bird species, making it a spot for birdwatchers. Keep an eye out for colorful endemic birds.

6. Beaches


 While not for swimming due to strong currents, the beaches offer serene views and are great for relaxation and photography.


Remember, access to Ross Island might be regulated and limited due to its historical importance and preservation efforts. Visitors usually take a boat ride from Port Blair, the capital of the Andaman and Nicobar Islands, to reach Ross Island.

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