Maha Shivratri 2022: A Fasting Day for Hindus

Offer Prayers to Lord Shiva

Today is a special day for all Hindus. We celebrate Maha Shivratri all over India and also in other countries where Hindus are living. Today, Hindus all over the country are celebrating Shivratri with great pomp. Today Lord Shiva is being worshiped according to tradition in the temples.

Shivratri Date in 2022 – 01 March 2022

Shivratri 2022

Why Shivratri Celebrated?

It is believed that those who worship, fast and worship Lord Shiva are blessed with good fortune.

Many people also think that Maha Shivratri fasting reminds devotees that arrogance, arrogance and lies lead to downfall.

Otherwise you call it a day when positivity triumphs over negativity.

How beneficial is the fasting concept for you?

Today every Hindu is fasting for a day remembering Lord Shiva. But everyone understands that we are fasting only after remembering Lord Shiva.

Actually, we do this fast to keep the body healthy. Everyone keeps this fasting except small children, old people and patients.

A strict Maha Shivratri fast means abstaining from all food and drink.

However, some people may prefer to eat soaked peanuts, fruits, milk and dairy foods, honey, sago or coconut water. Iodized salt is completely avoided and all food items are prepared using rock salt or rock salt.

Fasting is a great way to give your body a break while cleansing from the inside and reducing inflammation.

Avoiding junk, grains and cereals helps the body get relief from hard to digest food while meditation and spiritual practices help you achieve purity of mind.

All-in-all good for making a healthy body.

Let’s Say Omm Namah Shivay. Enjoy the Shivratri 2022

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Written by Abhay Maity

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