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Tour to Dakshineswar and Adyapeath

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Enjoyable Tour to Dakshineswar and Adyapeath

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Staying in Kolkata, don’t tour to Dakshineswar and Adyapeath, it can’t happen. Today in this article I want to share how I went to Dakhineswar and Adyapeath and enjoyed a lot.

Tour to Dakshineswar and Adyapeath

At the time of Holi this year, I had planned to go to Kolkata.

So I was in Kolkata on the day of Holi. I made a plan that I and my friend will visit Dakhineswar and Adyapeath.

Tour to Dakshineswar and Adyapeath

I was at my friend’s house so we started the journey from Baruipur place in South Kolkata.

First we made a plan to go from Baruipur to Dakhineswar by local train.

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We both bought train tickets from Baruipur and reached Dakhineswar via Sealdah. Because you will not get direct local train from South Kolkata.

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Reached at Dakshineswar

So we finally reached Dakhineswar at 1 o’clock. But the sad thing was that we could not enter inside the Dakhineswar Temple only then.

At that time the gate of Dakhineswar temple was closed. Then I asked a police man, when the temple gate would open, they said that the gate would open at 3 o’clock.

Then, without wasting time, we set out to visit Adyapeath Temple.

With the help of Google Map, I came to know that Adyapeath is not far from Dakhineswar Temple.

I was showing on the map that it is somewhere around 1 kilometer. So both of us made a plan to go on foot and left from there.

Maps Suggested

You will get auto and parrot there, with their help you can go there.

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Reached at Adyapeath Temple

After walking for about 10 minutes, both of us reached Adypeath.

After reaching the temple, both of us felt very excited.

Entering from the gate, saw that the campus there was very clean and well maintained.

We saw that, main temple is in the middle of that campus and around that temple is surrounded by small temples.

We both had a good walk in that campus and explored all the temples.

The best was the atmosphere there, which was seen singing hymns inside a temple.

Overall the atmosphere there was very good.

After passing about 2 hours in the campus of Adyapeath, we both left for Dakhineswar.

Entering to Dakshineswar Temple

After reaching Dakhineswar Temple, we two first deposited our bags, shoes and mobile in the counter.

Then we bought bhog for Maa from bhog shop and entered inside the temple through check gate.

The crowd in the temple was very less. So while offering bhog to Maa, we saw the Maa very closely and did offer prayer.

We sat on that campus for some time and took some rest.

After that we both went to Ganga Ghat.

Took some Gangajal for Home

After reaching the Ganga Ghat, we saw that many devotees were taking bath in that Ghat.

Both of us had no plan to take a bath. So both of us just get down at the ghat, soak the feet and sprinkle Ganga water over the body.

Brought some Ganga water for home.

Back to Home

After taking Ganga water, both of us brought bags, shoes and mobile return from the counter.

Then both of us left the campus of Dakhineswar Temple.

After coming out, both of us eat masala dosa and left at the metro station.

In Dakhineswar you will find a metro station below the train station.

We both came from Dakhineswar metro station to the last metro station New Garia (Kavi Subhash). Tickets only for Rs.25 per person.

Tour to Dakshineswar and Adyapeath

The journey of metro was wonderful.

Then we got down at Kavi Subhash metro station and sat in the local train and came to Baruipur.

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This Dakshineswar and Adyapeeth tour was very spectacular. I would recommend that if you are in Kolkata then you must definitely tour to Dakshineswar and Adyapeath. Here you can go with family members and friends.

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