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Invitation to Become a Guest Blogger for Us

If you enjoy writing as much as you enjoy travelling, then this opportunity is for you. We would be more than happy to publish your travel experience with 1k+ people that are part of our travel family.

Who Are We and What Do We Want

Local Tourism is a Bhubaneswar-based travel company who has for more than a decade been helping travel enthusiasts to pursue their dream of travelling in India. Keeping in mind our ultimate goal, which is to Change the Way People Travel; we have shared travel tips, first hand experiences and provided travel packages with a difference. But all through our journey what we have enjoyed the most is to listen to travel stories and experiences of the wanderlusters! Their experiences motivate us even more to make travel a happier affair. Therefore, we are now inviting people who are bitten by the travel bug to come and share their stories with us.

We Invite Travellers to Share Their Story

We invite travel aficionados to come forward and write a post for about their travel experience in India. So, all that you need to do is to follow these simple guidelines and you shall be all set to inspire a sea of travellers who think India is a challenging travel destination.

Guidelines for Guest Posts:

  • You can send your write-up that should be minimum of 1200 words
  • The write-up can be on any Indian destination

You can share Travel Tips/First-Hand Experience on:

  • Adventure in India
  • Religious Places in India
  • Historic Places in India
  • Shopping in India
  • Culture Tours in India
  • Food and Restaurants in India
  • Wildlife Tours in India
  • Special Interest Tours in India
  • Offbeat Destinations in India
  • Hotels and Hostels in India
  • Budget Travelling in India
  • Rural Tours in India
  • Luxury Travelling in India


The post should have relevant photos. Please make sure:

  • The Images submitted are horizontally captured
  • Large in size and are in JPG format
  • Incase the image is not original but had to be used to support the blog, kindly provide original source URL + Name of the photographer
  • The content should be unique (No Copy Paste/ Plagiarism Free)
  • Creative Headlines and Punch lines would be an added asset
  • The information provided should be correct and reliable

Editing Process

Please note that we reserve the right to edit your post for grammar errors, punctuation, spelling, etc. If the edits are substantial, we shall email the revised post for your approval.

We may add reference links for related blogs. Also, we can alter the supporting image if we find them inappropriate. However, we ensure, every alteration or moderation will be done to enhance the quality of your write up.

Why Should You Write for Us?

Like we earlier said, we would love to listen to your travel story. We surely want you to be the part of our goal of Changing the Way People Travel. We also understand that nothing comes free! Therefore, we will provide you with

  • A Link to Your Personal Blog (if any)
  • Credit at Author Section
  • Reach and Readership of 1Lac+ Online Visitors
  • A Pleasant Stay in One of the Popular Destination (If we really like your blog!)
  • Social Media Sharing on Local Tourism Social Profiles:
    • Facebook: 1K+ Members
    • Twitter
    •  Linkedin

Where to Submit the Post?

  • You can email us your article at info@localtourism.in for consideration. Allow us atleast two weeks time to respond.
  • Please include a three to four-sentence byline that includes what you do, along with your blog address and up to four social media profile links.


  • Once your post is approved for the run, we shall notify you through email
  • As soon as the post get ‘Live’, we will share it on the above mentioned social media platforms
  • We expect the guest blogger to monitor their post and respond to the comments of the readers also sharing of the post on their personal social media profiles.
  • Incase your post is not accepted for publication, we will notify you through email, and then you are free to publish it elsewhere.