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Discovering Haridwar

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Discovering Haridwar: Top Tourist Destinations

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Nestled along the banks of the sacred Ganges River in the Indian state of Uttarakhand, Haridwar is a city steeped in spirituality and rich cultural heritage. As one of the seven holiest places in Hinduism, Haridwar attracts pilgrims and tourists alike to its numerous temples, ghats, and ashrams. The Har Ki Pauri ghat, adorned with flickering oil lamps during the evening Ganga Aarti ceremony, offers a mesmerizing spectacle that epitomizes the city’s spiritual essence. Visitors can explore the ancient temples like Mansa Devi and Chandi Devi perched atop the surrounding hills, offering panoramic views of the city and river below. Haridwar’s bustling bazaars teem with vibrant colors and aromatic scents, offering a treasure trove of local handicrafts, sweets, and spiritual paraphernalia.

1. Har Ki Pauri

Har Ki Pauri

Har Ki Pauri, located in Haridwar, India, is a revered and iconic ghat along the banks of the holy Ganges River. Literally translating to “Steps to Lord Shiva,” it holds immense religious significance for Hindus. Pilgrims flock to this sacred site to take a dip in the purifying waters of the Ganges, believing it cleanses them of sins and facilitates spiritual salvation. The ghat is marked by a large footprint, believed to belong to Lord Vishnu, adding to its mystical aura.

2. Chandi Devi Temple

Chandi Devi Temple

The Chandi Devi Temple in Haridwar, India, is a revered Hindu shrine perched atop the Neel Parvat on the eastern summit of the Shivalik Hills. Dedicated to Goddess Chandi, an incarnation of Goddess Parvati, the temple attracts devotees from far and wide who seek blessings and spiritual solace. Legend has it that the temple was constructed in the 8th century by Adi Shankaracharya, a prominent philosopher and theologian. To reach the temple, pilgrims can embark on a trek uphill or opt for a cable car ride offering breathtaking views of the surrounding landscape. 

3. Mansa Devi Temple

Mansa Devi Temple

The Mansa Devi Temple in Haridwar is a revered Hindu shrine dedicated to Goddess Mansa Devi, believed to fulfill the wishes of her devotees. Situated atop the Bilwa Parvat on the Shivalik Hills, the temple offers breathtaking panoramic views of Haridwar and the Ganges River. Devotees often ascend the hill either by foot or through the cable car service to seek blessings and offer prayers to the goddess. The temple bustles with activity, especially during Navratri, when thousands of pilgrims flock to seek the goddess’s blessings. 

4. Daksheshwar Mahadev Temple

Daksheshwar Mahadev Temple

The Daksheshwar Mahadev Temple in Haridwar is a revered Hindu shrine nestled along the banks of the holy Ganges River. Dedicated to Lord Shiva, it holds significant spiritual importance for devotees who flock to seek blessings and perform rituals. The temple’s architecture, adorned with intricate carvings and ancient motifs, reflects the rich cultural heritage of India. Legend has it that the temple marks the spot where Lord Shiva received his offerings during the famous Daksha Yagna, making it a site of historical and mythological significance.

5. Maya Devi Temple

Maya Devi Temple

The Maya Devi Temple, situated in Haridwar, India, holds significant religious and historical importance. Dedicated to Goddess Maya, an incarnation of Shakti, the temple is believed to be one of the ancient sites where the heart and navel of Goddess Sati fell during the cosmic dance of Lord Shiva. The temple’s architecture reflects a blend of traditional North Indian style with intricate carvings and designs. Devotees flock to the temple to seek blessings, especially during festivals and auspicious occasions. 

6. Bharat Mata Mandir

Bharat Mata Mandir

The Bharat Mata Mandir in Haridwar is a renowned temple dedicated to Bharat Mata, the personification of Mother India. Situated in the holy city of Haridwar, Uttarakhand, the temple stands as a symbol of patriotism and reverence for the nation. Built with the intent of honoring India as a motherland, the temple houses a colossal map of undivided India, showcasing the country’s geographical diversity and historical significance. Devotees visit the Bharat Mata Mandir to pay homage to the spirit of India and seek blessings for the prosperity and well-being of the nation. 

7. Sapt Rishi Ashram and Sapt Sarovar

Sapt Rishi Ashram and Sapt Sarovar

Sapt Rishi Ashram and Sapt Sarovar are two revered sites nestled in the sacred city of Haridwar, India, renowned for their spiritual significance and tranquil beauty. Sapt Rishi Ashram, also known as Sapt Sarovar, is believed to be the meditation ground where seven great sages, or rishis, performed intense penance. The ashram stands as a testament to their devotion and enlightenment. Adjacent to the ashram is Sapt Sarovar, a celestial lake where the seven sages are said to have bathed, purifying themselves spiritually. Pilgrims flock to these hallowed grounds seeking solace, enlightenment, and blessings, drawn by the aura of divinity and serenity that permeates the atmosphere.

8. Rajaji National Park

Rajaji National Park

Rajaji National Park, located near Haridwar in the state of Uttarakhand, India, is a sanctuary of natural beauty and biodiversity. Named after C. Rajagopalachari, a prominent freedom fighter and the last Governor-General of India, the park spans over 820 square kilometers, encompassing the Shivalik ranges and the Indo-Gangetic plains. It serves as a vital habitat for a diverse array of flora and fauna, including elephants, tigers, leopards, deer, and numerous bird species. The park’s landscape features lush forests, winding rivers, and rolling hills, offering visitors opportunities for wildlife safaris, birdwatching, and nature trails. 

9. Neel Dhara Pakshi Vihar

Neel Dhara Pakshi Viharzz

Neel Dhara Pakshi Vihar, situated in Haridwar, is a serene sanctuary renowned for its avian diversity and scenic beauty. Nestled along the banks of the Ganges River, this sanctuary serves as a haven for a multitude of migratory birds, offering a tranquil retreat amidst lush greenery and flowing waters. Birdwatchers and nature enthusiasts flock to this sanctuary to witness the graceful flight of species such as the Siberian cranes, herons, and kingfishers. The sanctuary also plays a vital role in conservation efforts, raising awareness about the importance of preserving natural habitats and safeguarding the delicate ecosystems that support diverse wildlife populations. 

10. Bilkeshwar Mahadev Temple

Bilkeshwar Mahadev Temple

The Bilkeshwar Mahadev Temple in Haridwar is a revered Hindu pilgrimage site situated on the banks of the holy Ganges River. Dedicated to Lord Shiva, it holds significant religious importance among devotees who visit Haridwar. The temple’s serene ambiance and ancient architecture draw both locals and tourists seeking spiritual solace and blessings. Its location near the bustling Har Ki Pauri adds to its appeal, making it easily accessible to pilgrims attending the famous Ganga Aarti ceremonies. The temple stands as a symbol of faith and devotion, offering worshippers a tranquil space for prayer and reflection amidst the vibrant atmosphere of Haridwar.


The Bilkeshwar Mahadev Temple in Haridwar, India, stands as a symbol of devotion and spirituality. Situated on the banks of the sacred Ganges River, this temple is dedicated to Lord Shiva, one of the principal deities in Hinduism. Its serene ambiance and architectural beauty draw numerous devotees and tourists alike seeking solace and blessings. The temple’s significance lies not only in its religious importance but also in its historical and cultural relevance to the region. 

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